The Opti3D-800 is a tray based platform supporting dimensional/visual inspection requirements of surface mount components in the semiconductor industry. The 800 series use a high magnification laser scanner, that is specifically designed for circuit board, bump and flip-chip applications.

The automation supporting this platform consists of proven handling modules that have been integrated to support the automation and reliability that is required in a manufacturing environment. The base platform includes a laser based inspection module, fully automated tray handling system, tray stack input/output, tray shuttle/flipper, and a high-speed multi-head sorting mechanism with three binning locations.

The software supporting this platform provides the flexibility to accommodate a variety of packages and measurement requirements along with a full complement of inspection statistics in order to monitor process flows and improve/ensure out-going product quality. The platform has the ability to support additional capabilities such as mark inspection, package defect inspection, and final packaging options.


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