The Opti3D-600A is loaded with all the same benifits as the 600 model, with fully automated stacking bins. The operator never has to replenish trays to the supply bin, or replace trays to the mark or laser fail stations. Simple, efficent and ready to use.

The automation supporting this platform consists of proven handling modules that have been integrated to support the automation and reliability that is required in a manufacturing environment. The base platform includes a laser based inspection module, fully automated tray handling system, tray stack input/output, tray shuttle/flipper, and a high-speed multi-head sorting mechanism with three binning locations.

The software supporting this platform provides the flexibility to accommodate a variety of packages and measurement requirements along with a full complement of inspection statistics in order to monitor process flows and improve/ensure out-going product quality. The platform has the ability to support additional capabilities such as mark inspection, package defect inspection, and final packaging options.


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