about OptiViz:
our mission
Provide superior inspection solutions in a responsive and cost effective manner to the semiconductor and electronic industries improving yields and reducing manufacturing cost on a global basis.

our company

OptiViz designs and manufacturers automated inspection solutions to qualify the dimensional and visual integrity of semiconductor devices and electronic components. The performance and flexibility of this equipment provides semiconductor and electronic manufacturers the ability to achieve yield improvements through process monitoring and support 100% inspection at production rates to ensure out-going product quality.

OptiViz leverages over 50 years of experience in the development of 2D/3D imaging solutions with a thorough understanding of the cost, performance, and flexibility that is required to effectively support their customers. OptiViz works closely with their customers to continually extend the capability of the technology they provide as demonstrated by the presence of their manufacturing and engineering resources throughout the strategic manufacturing regions of these industries.

OptiViz has demonstrated significant value with the 3D package inspection platform and their ability to further extend the flexibility and performance to accommodate other complex electronic components such as sockets, connectors, and substrates. The ability to "mix & match" the technology and automation solutions being provided increases the value being provided and reduces the overall investment as manufacturing demands continue to evolve.
our commitment
OptiViz will work closely with their customers in developing and supporting modular based inspection solutions that are extendable in order to ensure that superior performance and flexibility is sustained in a manner that is most cost effective to the user.